Cards for every occasion: Christmas in July with Basic Invite


Warm greetings just got a whole new meaning. Christmas in July might not be something we all celebrate, but in my opinion July is a great time to start making plans for this year’s holiday season. If you are looking to make custom holiday cards this year, look no further. Basic Invite has everything you need to make this experience as simple and easy as it can be! To ease your stress levels during the month of December, I would strongly recommend putting together ideas you want to incorporate into your personalized cards months in advance.


I have created my own Holiday card for this year and it was so fun to be able to customize exactly what I wanted on the card, what color way, down to the shape of the card itself. This was a lot more fun than buying a pre-made Christmas card! I must say, the Basic Invite website is so easy to navigate and has a ton of options for colors, fonts, foiled lettering, etc. I love that you can see the personalized edits as you are making them and the fact that you can order a printed sample is amazing. This allows you to see it in person before ordering a large quantity; therefore you do not have to be worried about the end product being misconstrued in any way. You can also make your own custom holiday photo cards and add pictures of you and your loved ones to make this years card extra special, so start taking pictures with your family, friends & furry pets.


Basic Invite makes stationery for every occasion you can think of, whether you're looking to send out wedding invites, business cards, menus, stickers, etc. This site allows you to fine tune their original designs to create a finished product that you will love! With over 180 different color options you can use and being able to create your list of addresses with a send of a link, you cant go wrong.

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