Starting this year off right sharing my resolutions with you all! I only have 6 to share but will most likely add more to the list as I realize what else I want to achieve this year. I've seen many other bloggers make posts like this and I thought it was a cute way to begin 2018! Resolutions can seem a little annoying and cliche to many, but I think they are so fun and a good way to give hope for the new year! Cheers!!!

1. Get my license. YES I’m 21 and don’t have my drivers license!! Now, you're probably thinking “Michelle, you need to get it ASAP” or “you’ve been saying that for everrrr!!!”; I KNOW but its 2018 and I'm actually going to do it this year. (hopefully, if I can get myself to go to the dmv). I would put a time frame as to when I want to achieve this resolution, but I'm just sticking to the sooner the better! Also, quick lil tip: don't let your permit expire because you're halfway there!!!

2. Wash my brushes. This is really ~personal~ and a little ~disgusting~ but, I literally do not remember the last time I washed all my makeup brushes!! GROSS right? Anyway, this is kind of an easy one because it doesn't even take that long to do and I kind of enjoy doing it. I think keeping up is the toughest part. The goal is once every 2 weeks because I don't wear makeup everyday which makes sense right?

3. Exercise more. Typical resolution for the new year right? I'm so serious! This past year I have been on and off of health kicks, but I think it was enough to prepare me to really dedicate my time and hit my goal successfully. I don't know too many at home workouts but ideally I want to do 45 minutes to an hour everyday except Sundays. I know everyone says you don't need the new year to start exercising, but because of the holidays it’s the perfect time to pick up where you left off! 

4. Eat healthier. This one goes hand in hand with my last one! Really trying to cut back on eating out because that seems to be my biggest issue. Not too sure on what to say about this one but obviously I want to eat more veggies and fruits. I will be cooking a lot more at home & I might try meal planning to avoid the dilemma of not knowing what to eat.

5. Re-decorate my room. This is something that I have been wanting to do for so long but I can’t seem to figure out a “theme” or a color schemethat I want to stick with. It has also been a struggle to find cute and not super expensive furniture for my room. (Let me know if you have any recommendations on this one)

6. More Content. BLOG, YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER!!!! The whoooole thing! I will have a set schedule really soon but I'm thinking a new blog post once or twice a week, new youtube video once a week at least, and just posting more often on both instagram and twitter for fun :) I'm really excited about this one because I love sharing my life online(??) idk it’s cool and I love looking back at all the fun and stupid things that I have posted. LOL.

Hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful 2018!! 

love, Michelle